Lisa Carletta

Collaboration with Photographer Lisa Carletta by Alex Simpson

Back in April I teamed up with contemporary photographer Lisa Carletta for an exciting video commission made by Netherlands based art gallery the Sophie Maree.

The project was a beautiful take on Lisa's first hand experience of moving from Belgium to London and the adventures to be had whilst discovering the city.

Lisa's recognisable style was clearly present when I saw the mood board and it was important to me that I also brought a childlike exploration and surrealist tone to the project. I wanted the film to serve as something that would link each photograph from the series together, fill in the blanks and connect the memories. See the film here.

Lisa exhibition will run from 10.10.15 until the 21.11.15 at the Sophie Maree Gallery.

To see another collaboration Lisa and I undertook for Victoire Magazine check out I Love Food.

Lisa Carletta 'Just a Few Clouds Between Us'

Lisa Carletta 'Just a Few Clouds Between Us'