Ometepe Bilingual School | Nicaragua / by Alex Simpson

I recently finished a short documentary shot on my travels in Nicaragua and am glad to see it online and speaking out about the wonderful work of Alvaro Molaro, owner of the Hacienda Merida on Ometepe Island and founder of the Ometepe Bilingual School.

The beautiful Ometepe Island situated right in the middle of Lake Nicaragua currently receives an average of three tons of plastic waste daily, a high percentage of which is generated by the bottled water business and soda drinks. Despite being made a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010 the island is beginning to suffocate under the weight of its pollution problem.

Alvaro has been running his hostel on the island for over 20 years and has taken the initiative to create a system where by he can re-use the plastic waste to build a local school whilst also injecting money back into the local community.

Check out his inspiring story here.