Tag Heuer, The Fold London and Google Arts and Culture / by Alex Simpson

It’s been a busy summer so far with lots of great projects to work on and huge variety.

The last couple of months have seen me work with Progress Film, directing content for their biggest campaign project so far, an exciting collaboration with Tag Heuer and four of their superstar sponsored tennis athletes.

Tag Heuer Shoot with Progress Film.jpg

It’s also been brilliant to work with new client The Fold. The Fold is a contemporary British label focused on dressing and inspiring the modern, professional woman and together we shot 5 films and a series of smaller social edits featuring 5 trailblazing women in the beauty, art, fashion and broadcasting sector.

The Fold London Shoot.JPG

Last week saw the completion of a film collaboration with Google Arts and Culture and Lovers whose commission saw me direct a film centred around Danish artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen and his latest work for the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park.

The Deep Listener is an immersive app that allows you to listen to species in the park through AR (augmented reality) in ways which otherwise can’t be heard. On arriving at a location in the Deep Listener a person will move through up to 30 different audio layers to experience their surroundings in unique and previously unheard ways. To find out more check it out here.

You can listen to the deep earth breathing of a tree, or the roots, and the bark or the wind.
— Jakob Kudsk Steensen