Venturing South. / by Alex Simpson

I found myself south of the Thames at the weekend and thrown well into that 'buzzing vibe' that's now often closely associated with Peckham Rye. It could have just been the warm sun accentuating everyones energy and boosting local moods but whatever it was, I liked it.

I was booked to shoot 3 days at the first ever Peckham Rye Music Festival and sometimes with these types of event it's easy to assume they'll all fall into the same category; wasted people, lots of mud, bad music and hard work.

However this was not to be the case at all and the weekend flew by in a flash of 80 fantastic artists, 10 local venues and a real good atmosphere. Kudos to founder and organiser Glenn Middleditch for his many months of preparation and ability to remain calm under pressure!

Having looked through the footage I know we're going to get a couple of really great films out of the shoot, time to start editing...