This is a film about Taye, the reigning Dambe boxing champion of his local community in Lagos, Nigeria. Often called ‘Fight Club - Nigerian style’, the fighters will wrap their arms tightly in rope with the aim of knocking down an opponent in one strike. It is a fiercely competitive sport and largely undocumented, until now.

What started as a ‘what if…?’ conversation quickly became real when photographer Sebastian Barros and I began researching the sport in more detail. We came to realise there was little online documenting the art of Dambe and felt inspired to tailor our approach in a cinematic and exhilarating way through the eyes of Taye.

Exploring Taye’s exciting and largely unseen world has been both a raw and powerful experience. It was also incredibly refreshing to capture and shape a story that has space to breathe over a longer running time.

The full 8 minute documentary can be found on the projects page.

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